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Archives from 2013:

Cheapened Memories

Cheapened Memories,

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Wall Art for the Bathroom or Kitchen


Want to hang pictures or art in the bathroom or kitchen? This is a common question for us because of the moisture concerns. There are several great solutions: #1 - A well framed print on a heavier paper should hold up well as long it's not right by the shower.  The frame itself needs to be of high quality wood with no cheap veneer that would peel up, or a metal frame #2 - a coated canvas wrap is very resistant to moisture. I have canvases that I hang outside in the rain! #3 Print on Metal. This is probably the most "bulletproof" option for moisture. The image is embedded in the coating, and not printed on the surface making this a waterproof product. Grease stains from the kitchen? Just wipe it off! #4 - Laminated Gallery Blocks by Artsy Couture (we are a provider for them) should do well, and look amazing.
Feel free to contact me to discuss your specific project.

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All About Slides and Slide Scanning

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever: its loveliness increases; it will never pass into nothingness.” - John Keats

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Shooting Photos at Night with Max Seigal

Having received second prize for a photo in the National Geographic Traveler 2013 photo contest, Max Seigal has earned himself a reputation for excellence in the industry. His-prize winning photograph is a show of splendor and overwhelming uniqueness that leaves the viewer wishing for the skill involved in such photography. I am simply baffled at the incredible beauty he captured here.

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The Importance of Looking Good

When you open a magazine or check out a company’s website, who stands out? The people who look like they just rolled out of bed or the professionals who are well-groomed and confident? No matter the reason, we as humans tend to make judgments and draw conclusions about other people, from personality to success to lifestyle choices, simply based on looks. This is especially true when judging performance in the business world: people who look put together are often regarded as better performers. Regardless of your personality, gender, race or occupation, you can only benefit from looking your best for a myriad of reasons.

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Tips for Fireworks Photography


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Photo Printing As An Art

In today's world, almost everyone has some type of way of taking digital photos. People have cell phones, tablets, iPods and iPhones that they are constantly using to take pictures and post those memories online. Many people take their devices and print from them at home, which, though fun, may not last or have the quality intended. With the intention of making quality prints, there are also many people that will print them out from drugs stores and such but the images often don’t turn out much better than printing from home. Printing out your own photos is not necessarily the best way to print good, quality photos.

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What To Look For In An Event Photographer

Deciding who does your event photoraphy  can be a big responsibility. Watch out, it's a mine field, and if you're not careful you or your guests could find some frustrations.

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Why People Should Let Pros Print Their Photos

So you need some photo's printed, asap. Why not let the professionals do your photo printing? 

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Caring for your new print or photograph

Caring for your print

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New Color Management System in place at Clear Image


Our new X-Rite iPro2 Publisher allows us to color manage not only our monitors, but printers and even scanners!  Here is an example of a color managed print (left) on metallic vs. manufacturer recommendations (right).

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Now is the time to Archive!


There has never been a better time to archive your prints, slides, negatives, and videos.  Why?

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