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What To Look For In An Event Photographer

Deciding who does your event photoraphy  can be a big responsibility. Watch out, it's a mine field, and if you're not careful you or your guests could find some frustrations.

Good equipment is key.

If you hire someone without the proper equipment, the event will not go nearly as smoothly. Even if they do have the equipment (camera, lighting, laptop and printer), most hobby or amateur photographers aren’t able to provide services as refined as that of a professional: smooth and efficient processing and printing. Your guests will appreciate being photographed quickly and receiving their pictures promptly, so they can enjoy the rest of the occasion. A professional will have top notch equipment, extra equipment in case something goes wrong (it happens) and the poise gained from veteran experience.

Hire someone that will reflect the professionalism and enthusiasms of the rest of your company - consider us an extension of your event team.  We want to make you look good.

Experience is important.

Good event photography will reflect on your event for years. Finding an experienced and fun photographer will help make your guests look their best. Lighting and other equipment will be set up to efficiently take photos that your guests will treasure. Experience also means capturing exceptional moments with photos of other parts of your event. Depending on what you need, two or more photographers may be required. Taking care to hire professionals that work well together goes a long way towards great results, capturing your event well.

Cheaper pictures may save money but may not "save" your event's best moments.

When deciding who documents your event, it’s important to have a photographer with a trained eye for capturing memories and moments. A good photographer will take initiative in finding these moments, making sure that you don’t lose some of the best photos of your event. Not all photographers know what to look for in event settings. A photographer who will be actively searching for photo opportunities is worth their pay. They will know where the action is and how to be there before the important moments are lost.

Whether it's for prom, dance, festival, Bar Mitzvah, or corporate party, you want the best photos for your event to capture the parts of life that are important to you.

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