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Meet Hollywood Artist: Len E. Burge III


Our photography assistant, Amy Fulton, has her own artist blog and enjoys meeting and interviewing other unique artists.  Today she is featuring an outrageously talented artist from Hollywood. 

Sculptor, illustrator, jewelry, fine art fabrication- installation, animation, prototypes, production, director, art direction, Len E. Burge III is a never-ending river of astonishing talent and a true artist that knows his craft like no other in his field. Millions of people have viewed the films and videos of his exceptional work.

...His film effects, sculpture, design and on-set management include such films as “Jonah Hex”, Punch-Drunk Love”, “Jurassic Park”, “Batman 2”, “Terminator 2”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Predator 2”, “The Watchmen”, “I am Legend”, “No Such Thing”, “300”, and “The Last Samurai”

Amy Fulton:  Please share some of your interests with us…

Len Burge:  "Science/Physics. Particle Physics to be exact. I truly enjoy trying to artistically vision what we cannot see. It’s a sort of translation for me. And what comes out of my head has more freedom than the things I usually have to create for the entertainment industry.

 Ambient/experimental music. Playing and recording sounds either from vintage or new synthesizers and field recordings has got to be the best therapy imaginable for me in recent years. When the sculpting finally stops the music will always continue." 

Story by Amy Fulton.  Read the story HERE.


















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