With a bazillion photographers out there (I might be underestimating), why choose Clear Image?

Artists at Heart, Professionals in Action

We pride ourselves on having an artistic eye, but also focus on professionalism, product greatness, efficient turn around, and top-notch equipment.  Our own lab and frame shop give us incredible control.

People who truly care

Our motto is to truly love our customer.  Love is the truest form of customer service.  

Some jobs are great for one person.  Many are not.  We know that commercial, event, and sporting jobs often required 2-7 people to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and pleasurable photography experience.


I love the best.  I buy the best.  I use the best.  You get the best.

Professional Capabilities

With a fleet of lighting and camera equipment, and armed with the latest techniques and know-how, we are ready for your job, big or small.


We've been at this since 1988 - we are a jack of all trades and master of some.

A Real Portrait Studio

A rarity these days, we can still have the control and privacy of a portrait studio.  Nothing beats the traditional effects of masterful studio lighting and backgrounds.  We also love the look of modern outdoor portraits...we can do that too!  But by golly, we are still going to light you with our special on location lighting equipment. Learn more about our portrait services »

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