Scanning Digitizing

What is photo scanning service? We need to digitize, or scan your images to use them. Share your images: facebook, prints, scrapbooking, digital books, email, etc…and of course archive/protect them for future generations.

When you want something special, trust Clear Image

Our tagline, is “Artists at Heart, Professionals in Action”.  When you want more than a machine and a clerk, at a reasonable price, come to us!

Shoebox and Scrapbook Scanning

Clear Image Shoebox Scan Service is your solution. We use a special high-speed scanner to provide quality scans of your photographs.

Not just one or two photographs, this service is best suited for 50 or more photos.

High Quality Print Scanning

There are not many places who will offer high resolution scanning, and then have an experienced technician bring it into photoshop to correct for dust, minor imperfections, color, contrast, density, and overall image adjustments.

Slide Scanning

In our not so humble opinion, we have the best slide scanner available today.

We also clean our slides before scanning with filtered dry air and have the industry’s best digital dust removal included at no extra charge.

Negative Scanning

35mm, slide, 120/220, and APS is scanned using our super awesome Noritsu HS1800 scanner.

4×5 and odd sized negs are scanned on our Epson 10000xl with manual focus.

Archive your Scrapbook – share your hard work!

Do you have a Creative Memories or other scrapbook? We can help you share, save, and print your hard work!

We will carefully handle and hand scan every single page. Our scanner is a color balanced, commercial grade, fine art scanner. You will love the heirloom quality!