Photo Restorations

Photo Restoration and Retouching Services – No “photoshop button” here! Our team of artists will tweak and paint, dodge and burn, clone and spot our hearts out until your photo looks good as new! We are unique in that we have the resources to print your restorations on fine art papers that will make your photo look like an authentic original.

Photo Restoration Magic Land – Can this be real?

We have a love affair with photos like these, and consider it our specialty…we will take good care of your treasured pictures.

We offer scanning, restoration and reproduction of your old or damaged photos.

Let our artists bring back the old glory and preserve it digitally forever. Photo restorations start at $49.99 and will be quoted by one of our specialists in person. Rest assured – your priceless photo will be meticulously cared for and does not leave our building.  Our Gold plated and Scratch Resistant Media have a 100 (CD) – 200 (DVD) year rating. Upgrade for an additional $9.99 each. CD, DVDs, and BlueRay available for retail sale.


Need a background changed? Take a person out or put a person in a picture? Just about anything you can think of, we can do it!

Have water damaged photos?  Check out this link for help.


We are also able to offer retouching and airbrushing services.  Photography has always been about making the subject appear in it’s best form without distraction.

Basic Retouching…$49

Includes light acne and any perceived facial blemishes

Heavy Retouching…$69

Almost anything is possible!

Complete Digital Makeover…$85

A set of “magazine cover” retouches that include tanning, whitening of teeth and eyes, facial lifting and softening – we ca even take off a few pounds! Wonderfully subtle changes that make you look your best.


Must be quoted. Prices range from $49-$249. You will love and be amazed at what we can do!

I took in two very old, small B&W photos of my husband when he was a boy. To my delight, the staff at Clear Image Darkroom was able to restore AND color the photos! I had 5×7 prints made and framed as Christmas presents for his son and sister, and I have another set hanging on the wall in our bedroom. So cute! Thanks for doing such a great job!.