Converting Video

Making It Amazing Through Video Conversion

Everybody has them, but no one wants to admit it – that dreaded artifact known as the VHS. Due to their low quality and limited viewing controls, most of these tapes are gathering dust in the nether regions of homes across the country. In order to clear out some space and provide family and friends with some nostalgic home entertainment, these videos can be taken to a photo lab and switched over to newer media.

Converting old videos to modern digital technology at a photo lab will dramatically heighten the quality, leading to a more pleasant viewing experience. There will be no need for adjusting tracking or fine-tuning colors.

Old home movies contain many regrets, such as two-hour videos of scenic roads filmed from the passenger seat. By upgrading to DVD and other digital media, drab moments from the pre-editing era can be easily skipped or even deleted altogether. 

Replacing bulky tapes with DVDs eliminates the massive storage needed for VHS. Besides being physically smaller, each DVD holds more video than the average VHS. There’s no need to worry about the household toddler ripping the tape out of a VHS since the photo lab can consolidate videos to one disc, which is easily backed up. 

While these media conversions can be done at home, having a professional photo lab process them saves a great deal of time and guarantees quality. Once the process is complete, everyone can happily relive memories around the television without hunting for an escape route.