Shoebox and Scrapbook Scanning

Piles and Boxes and Stacks and Albums full of photos? Here’s your solution

No longer do family members need to argue over who has the family photos.

Clear Image Shoebox Scan Service is your solution. We use a special high-speed scanner to provide quality scans of your photographs. Not just one or two photographs, this service is best suited for 50 or more photos.

The scanned images are then saved to CD, DVD, gold disc (+$9.99) or a thumbdrive (+$19.99). Your photographs will be protected from the ravages of time, weather, crayons, humidity and poor storage conditions. Additional copies of the digital files are readily available for other family members. These quality scans may be viewed on your computer, or other digital image viewers including some DVD players & digital photo frames.

A DVD Video Slideshow is also available if you want to make a movie out of your new pictures.

300 dpi is recommended if you only plan on viewing on the computer, or printing to no bigger than the original.

600 dpi takes us twice the time, but only costs you 50% more!  This is recommended for archival quality scans, and the ability for future generations to make good sized prints from any of the images.

Choose 300dpi or 600dpi (+50%)