It’s the big day! Your child is going to have their first/second/fortieth sports photography taken by professional photographers with the rest of his/her team and/or class! It’s going to be so much fun and everyone in your family will want a copy of the picture. How do you prepare? How do you make this day not only fun but a memory that you and your child will cherish forever? We asked our top photographers for their best tips for parents and players, and here is what they had to suggest:

13 Tips to Improve Your Sports Photograph

  1. Get everyone to bed early the night before so players/students and parents are rested.
  2. Lay out the uniform/nice outfit/shoes and socks to match, etc. the night before.
  3. For School Photos, if a Green Screen is being used (that information will be on the order form and we use a green screen when we offer a variety of background choices) it is best to not have your child wear any color green at all. This makes it hard for the software to distinguish between the clothing and the background, which is how we add a different background to the picture.
  4. Fill out the order form the night before and put it with your car keys or in the player’s/student’s bag, so it doesn’t get left behind. Be sure your name and phone # are on the form so if we need to contact you we can!
  5. Don’t forget your payment method on the order form! If you forget, we will call you. If we aren’t able to contact you for some reason, and we do not have payment, you will always have the opportunity to call us and give us payment over the phone.
  6. If you pay online beforehand, we still need an order form filled out for the actual time we take the photo. Print out your online payment receipt and put it into the order form envelope. Be sure to fill out your child’s name on the order form you are putting the receipt into!
  7. Eat a good breakfast (or lunch, or whichever), but not with the uniform/outfit on! Wait until after the meal to get dressed.
  8. Have a comb or brush handy for that last-minute touch up if needed.
  9. Read again, one more time, where the pictures are taking place and arrive 10 minutes early.
  10. Water should be the only liquids allowed in the area where photos are being taken. Wait until after the photo before handing out gum, candy, Gatorade, snacks, lunch, etc.
  11. Leave the order form intact. We need the information on the entire form to ensure that we track your child’s photo seamlessly in our system.
  12. We will always do our best to make sure your athlete or student looks their best, but if it’s important to you that their uniform or outfit looks a certain way, help them adjust before their turn for a photo. This helps us stay on schedule and keeps everyone happy.
  13. Most importantly – have fun taking sports photography! Picture Day is a BIG deal for your child, and we want them and you to have a great experience! We LOVE questions and welcome them – we follow the old adage that “There is no such thing as a stupid question”, so ask away. Thanks for reading and we’ll see you on a photo shoot soon!!

Written by Melody De Lappe

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