Whether it is a valuable piece of artwork or a meaningful photograph that you would like to preserve and protect, it is important to consider conservation when choosing the right mat and frame. Although there are many frames and mats available on the market, you cannot guarantee that the products you select will protect the longevity of a piece of art or a photograph. By working with a professional frame shop with conservation experience, you can rest assured that not only the correct products are used to frame your piece, but that proper preservation techniques are taken during the framing process.

Choose an Acid-Free Mat to Avoid Discoloration and Damage

Conservation and museum matting protect a piece from acidity. Acidity causes artwork to discolor and can ruin your art and family heirlooms. Standard paper decor mats are not acid-free and will fade or discolor over time, especially when exposed to natural or artificial light. By exposing artwork to acidic mat board, art will discolor and turn brown. Over time, the paper will become very brittle and suffer irreparable damage. Therefore, it is best to choose an acid-free mat to avoid permanent damage to the artwork.

What is Conservation and Museum Matting?

Both museum and conservation mat boards are great alternatives to the standard decor mats. Museum mat board is acid-free, made of 100% cotton fiber and can last and protect your art for hundreds of years. Conservation mat board is made of wood pulp-100% virgin alpha-cellulose. Acids & lignins are removed after processing the wood pulp, making it a safer option for your heirlooms.

The Importance of Conservation Glass in Frames and Shadow Boxes

Have you ever seen a piece of artwork where the leaves on the trees are blue or the reds have faded to pink and there is no yellow left in the picture? Ultraviolet light will fade your art, photos, & mats. Conservation glass has a special UV coating that blocks ultraviolet light from indirect sunlight and fluorescent and LED bulbs. Conservation glass will block 99% of ultraviolet light, protecting your treasures from destructive rays. If it’s worth framing, isn’t it worth protecting?

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