The big photo day can always be a stressful time for parents and children alike. But even with the best intentions and prior planning, sometimes the big day does not turn out the way we wanted. We’ve asked our photographers for a list of NOT TO DOS before, during, and after the sports photo shoot. This list will hopefully help release some stress before the photo day.



  1. Keep your player/student up until at least midnight the night before the photo day.
  2. Forget the uniform at home or forget to dress your student in that nice outfit they picked out two months prior just for this day.
  3. Have your child spill food on their clothes before they get their picture taken. Especially tomato sauce or hot cocoa.
  4. Forget the shoes and socks that go with the uniform on sports shoots.
  5. Forget to bring a comb or brush. Let them have that ‘natural’ look.
  6. Forget the instructions the coach or teacher has given you prior to picture day.
  7. Go to the wrong photo shoot location, arrive late, or miss the class photo.
  8. Give your child a Red Bull or Nyquil before they head to the shoot, as this would kick in right before their turn for the picture.
  9. Allow your child to have a big piece of gum or candy, as these have a tendency to end up in their hair or clothing!
  10. Stand next to the photographer and distract your child, as they will likely end up not looking at the camera.

Written by Melody De Lappe

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