It’s always a good idea to have your family involved in exciting adventures, but here are five good reasons why you want to get your kids to get out and get busy!

1.   Physical and Mental Health

The staggering news is, approximately one in three American kids and teens is considered to be overweight or obese. These stats have more than tripled from 1971 to 2011. With this diagnosis, comes along a full gamut of other related health risks. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends parents encourage kids of all ages to get out and get moving… which is required for appropriate physical development. Physical activity releases those “happy endorphins” which help lower anxiety and depression.

2. Strategic Skills

Out in the field and working as a team, kids have the space to use their imaginations creatively and learn to make decisions on the fly, not found in the classroom.  These experiences can have lifelong benefits when problem solving skills are required down the road. These same skills can then be taken back and applied in the classroom. Strong evidence supports the connection between movement and learning.  Hands on experience triggers that mind-body link that directly effects cognition.  Dave Gleason, director of youth performance for the International Youth Conditioning Association says, “The same part of the brain that allows kids to learn strategies and decision-making in the brain is the same part of the brain you use to learn math, language and science,”

3. Confidence & Admiration

Children are sensitive and long for the admiration of their parents. When your child is on the field and looks up into the crowd and see you, it sends a message to them that they are important. Parents are powerful role models for children, and the support you give them now has lasting impact. Being there for them inspires confidence, and lets them know you believe in them. Be the one your child looks up to!

4. Well Rounded Character

There is nothing quite like sports to help children develop positive social skills. Young players learn about sharing a positive attitude, displaying good sportsmanship and how to work with others as a team. In this “Me” generation, teaching kids to put others before themselves can allow them to develop powerful characteristics we want them to hold onto for life.

5. The Enjoyment it Brings!

The list can continue on. From the importance of learning discipline from the game to allowing for a sense of belonging of being involved with a group, we don’t want to forget in all of this that it is also simply having fun! The value of enrolling your children in sports is beautiful activity that can bring families closer together, creating fun, life long memories to be cherished.

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